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Should I happy for it ? Touhou SKy Arena Released ....

After Long time of waiting , the RegionZero , Finally released its Touhou Sky Arena , I guess , every Anime + Doujin Game maniac out there l... [Read More]

music Bank ~ ( 13 /3 /2011 )

K-Chart 1 Big Bang -Tonight 2 Mighty Mouth -Tok Tok (Feat. SOYA) 3 IU - The Story that I Only Didn't Know 4 SECRET - Shy Boy 5 G.N... [Read More]


Just too much thing waiting for me to do recently , I got not enough time ! The moral's activities will start soon. I have to prepare s... [Read More]

Welcome To Join [Denson Cayson sdn bhd. Poet]

After I got a permit from the members in [Denson Cayson sdn bhd. Poet] [ Dont forge... [Read More]





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