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Anyone still finding the list for  the top 2011 K-POP song ? I'm here to help ! SUPA DENSON come to rescue =P [ I love this chart so... [Read More]

Davichi & T-ARA - 우리 사랑했잖아 (We Were In Love) [ Download ]

Merry Christmas !! Today , Im here to recommend and share a song. for sure , it's K-POP !  [ since Im KPOP Maniac ] haha ... [Read More]

I'm Alive !!!

Finally !  The most challenging SPM is OVER !!! and I'm now freed ! Full of emotion !! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY .... but , that was what I t... [Read More]

46Days Left

I think it almost half year I didnt came here =) ah~ Sorry for that , lately are busy with homework , besides homework , still homework ~ ... [Read More]


Finally KARA is back with their 3rd Korean Album 'STEP' get so HYPER now =P I Guess Kamilias ~ are as Hyper as me ... XD By th... [Read More]

JULY : Vote Me ! =)

This is my first time , take part in a  contest =) ( OXY  FACEOFF  CHALLENGE  ) ( click the picture to enlarge ) guess what ? I'm 16 ... [Read More]

Websites blocked in MALAYSIA

==||| what a devastating news , MALAYSIA have banned many website which provide free download Top Sites Banned By Malaysia www.warez-bb.... [Read More]

My 17th Birthday !

8June2011          rainy day    ( I love rainy days ) =D making wish  (hmm making wishes actually =D ) I love this picture soo much ! my... [Read More]

Magical Battle Arena Complete Form

HEY ! guess what ! AreaZero just updated their Magical Battle Arena website . Let me show you guys , what they have added  COOL isnt it ... [Read More]





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