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♫~♫ Music In My Life ♫~♫

When you step in my blog one thing is very obvious  that is I'm a J-Pop supporter , J-Pop also can be defined as Japanese Pop Music . Ac... [Read More]

Stand Up =]

In the  road of life  , we can’t avoid ourselves from mistakes , everyone did  mistake  ! mistake can be big and can be small , sometime , ... [Read More]

满足 .. Satisfaction

Recently just done watching my favorite Kamen Rider W ,  I believe not only me watching this movie =] maybe you would say that I'm child... [Read More]

Tutorial for Starter

Building a Blog  first of all , you must identify yourself wether you like to blogging or not. second , you must have many ideas for blog... [Read More]

《 绊 》 BOND

Every things in this nature is bonded with each other Family Bond , Nature Bond , And most unique friendship bond … It’s a destiny to mee... [Read More]

Dancing Doraemon Pictures, Images and Photos! Announcement !

Upgrading Process have done ... 12 / 11 /10 ---  7.10pm Hope my blog visitor will like it ... any suggestion can POST me a COMMENT =] ... [Read More]


The Process Will Be Begin From 11 November 2010 Upgrade Feature * A special page for specific DOWNLOAD of games , mp3 , video    ( Done !... [Read More]





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    Hi, I'm Denson, welcome to my blog, my world. There is no specific theme for my blog, yup everything are random, random is my theme. Mainly sharing about music, concert, personal diaries and some views on today's issues. Want to know more about me? click into my facebook profile or follow up my instagram. I'm looking forward to know more about you. Seeya~
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