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HuH ?!

I found someone  look like me !!!! another me ?  : Dont you guys think that he look  alike  ME ?! Let me tell you a secret  : Th... [Read More]

it's 29th December 2010

Today when I walk out the room  the calendar  show me 29 it's a nightmare for me !! because  my holiday will end soon... 3days left ..... [Read More]

I got my DVD !!!!

Look at this !!! I finally got it !!!!  In this movie , It just talk about the 1st season of Magical Lyrical Nanoha, start from how Nanoha ... [Read More]


Something missing in my blog ? Yes ! but not the download site , as you can see , I change the download location , to visit the download si... [Read More]

Tarot Card

Do you believe in magic ? Do you know what is Tarot Card ? I guess you know it ... Recently , I'm learning how to use Tarot Card  and I&... [Read More]

I love my Friday =]

10 Dec 2010 Today I finally done what I promised to him , visited his home and we got a nice chat , and getting to know him more deeply . Af... [Read More]

What will Santa give me ? =]

Time passed so fast , and Christmas is around the corner again =] Once Christmas is near with us ,                             that mean New... [Read More]

Internet Break Down ? = [

Today around 3pm ,  I'm trying to sign in my MSN  and Facebook, But surprisingly my MSN and Facebook cant sign in ! "Nevermind , ke... [Read More]





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