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Hey Guys ! It's had been such a long time I didnt update my blog.
As usual, lately was busy with my assignments and exams.
Hectic Life of University almost kill me.

Well, at least I have the time to update my blog's readers.
I'm not give up on updating my blog, just I was restricted with my busy schedule.
So sorry ><

It is so devastating to found that Denson's Dimension is slowly vanished...
The view rate drops a lot compare to last years.
Readers ~ Don't go ~~ Please comeback ~~

What I have done these days?
In my first year of degree programme, I participated quite a number of University's events and activities.

19 OCTOBER 2013

AIMST Faculty of Business and Management Alumni and Prom Night.

It's my first time attending a prom night. Had a wonderful night there.
Met and interact with friends from different batch, it's such an unforgettable event.

Justin Chuah, the cameraman of the night.

The reason for attending the prom night, is because of assignment. T^T 
I have been assigned to take part in the Prom Night Performance.
Had a breathtaking experience on stage.
Please don't ask me about my performance. Hahaha!
It's a trauma of mine. XD

( Oh My Gawd ! Denson! You have a round face !! )
21 FEBRUARY 2014

U4 Project - A day and Night Penang Trip.

My committees member and I went to Penang for our U4 project.

( wanna join us ? )

( welcome to War Museum Penang)

We visited most of the popular places in Penang Island.
We have visited :
1. Kek Lok Si
2. Snake Temple
3. War Museum
4. Break The Code

( Our last destination - Break The Code)
If you coming to Penang,
You must come here for a superb game !
Highly recommended for a group trip =D
I hope I can go there again ~~ Had a very nice game with friends.


This is my first time editing a video for my group video presentation.
^^ feel free to give me some comment.

Video 1
Difference Love Music Video 1
Song : I'll show you
Artist : Ailee
Actors involved : Ng Hui Xian, Hoo Wan Ling and Me, Denson

Video 2
Difference Love Music Video 2
Song : Singing got better
Artist : Ailee
Actors Involved : Hoo Wan Ling, Miroshini, Denson (me)

Theme : Sex and Gender
Title : Different Love
Summary : A different love story between two girl. They both loved each other... But... ( how will the story end?)


I guess It's time for me to end my post here :)
Hope you all enjoy the video.

Please do support and love Denson's Dimension.
You are the reason for me to keep on my Blogging activities.

Take care and have a nice day :)
It's time for me to have my lunch ~
SeeYa ~

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