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12 JUNE 2015

This is my very first time going abroad, outside my home country, Malaysia. Well it was an awesome experience. Foods, Shopping and those night markets are absolutely a thumb up for me. Of course, I've gain a huge loot in this 1-day trip, short but lovely.

Special thanks to Erica, for organizing this wonderful trip even though she having her internship the next day. THANK YOU ERICA !

This is also my first time taking taking a train!! what?! my first time? yup~~ my first ~
Guess what? My heart was up and down, can't wait to get into the train...
but, the excitement faded away, due to some technical problems and delays, oh my, we have waited for almost 5 hours before we reach our destination. 
Wefies ~ Yup ! that what's we do while waiting for the delays~

 ( Few Hours Later...)
We finally reached Hatyai !
Welcome to HatYai~
Okay, we are now on the public transport, we called it as "tut tut". Haha =D

Heading to our hotel ! Lee Garden~

Hatyai's Train station

"tut tut" - Open air public transport

 Just a few minute of journey, we finally arrived to our hotel, Lee Garden. Look at this ! The view from the window~ The city view of HatYai !

Selfie Selfie~ while Erica checking in to Lee Garden

After Check In, we went for Lee Garden Buffet, Approximately RM15 per person. The foods are goods, especially the tomyam soup and the dessert.
Due to extreme hunger~ We have totally conquered by our hunger and forgotten to take pictures of our meals~ Haha XD

As 1-day trip, obviously is not enough for you to explore hatyai !
However, we managed to visit 3 night markets in a night ! and that's tiring ! but, how much effort you put in your "legs", will give you as much as the reward ! Haha !
We've bought a lot a lot, Yea ! A LOT! of stuff~ at a very cheap price~
Hatyai such a shopping paradise for me.

Wohoo~ we are now arrived to the Floating Market of Hatyai ! A food paradise, however, we not managed to take in anymore foods as we all full tanked~

View of Floating Market

Next Day :
That's our breakfast ! buffet breakfast !
Lee Garden's Breakfast buffet
 Hatyai have a lot to explore~ I'm not able to write everything here...
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Where I've been all these long?
As usual, I have myself fully concentrate on my degree study, and hey ! I'm Year 3 next semester!
Final Year~ I'm a senior now =]

Nothing to worry about, everything just nice and sweet. As I always said, every efforts pays.
All the time I've spent on studies, I'm managed to be enlisted in the Dean's List of my faculty. Thanks for my family, lecturers and friends for all the support you've given to me. Stitch by stitch, that what's built me up stronger and thanks for honoring this reward to me. 

Hmm... anyway, I guess this would be my last Dean's List certificate. I'm not really performing well in the exam for last semester. Heart broken, tangled by poisonous promises and memories. That's hurts, it even more hurts when it comes to betrayal and your partner choose to leave without any intention to fix it nor apology. You left me behind with a deep scar...letting me bleed until death...
Broken, messed up inside, is more painful than what we feel outside.

Love is just a lie to one person.
Is a nightmare, that I have no confident that I can escape from it.
Our time has stopped....
Your love has faded away, but I'm still hearing your voice...
the promises we made, how should I forget it?

Goodluck to you, the one that have left without pain.
You better live as happy as much the pain you've left me.


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Have a nice day, readers ! 

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