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It's 2:00am now, why am I still staying awake ? As usual, yet I'm still not used to the coldness and silence of the night. It's cold...

I have no courage to close my eyes, it's just too quiet, which makes your voice more clear to be heard... Close to me, but, unreachable. I'm afraid of night, where silence comes, loneliness strikes along with those memories that I unable to erase. 2 years, this journey is now lead me back to the beginning point. I've been here before, this feeling is same, when my first left me.

Looking back, all those pains, tears and downs had took away all of me. Am I really who I am ?
Love, have changed me or the Pain does? I'm not used to be a crybaby, not an emotional person and not a person that seems to be cold and unfriendly to others...
I miss you, pang soon, the old and original you. The one always smile, laugh and friendly boy. Please come back to me, no, I will go after you this time, please guide me back to you.

Denson, with this name, I struggled in pain, but with this name too, I grew stronger than before. The pain behind this name, is not mean to bring me pain but, it's a light that guide me through the pain. No words could express those pain, only tears does.... but, the voice of the tears are just too weak to be heard and felt...

There is no more pain and sorrow now, with loves and joy, filled with comfortable, that's would be the meanings behind this name, Denson. When your voice cant reach people, then reach out to listen others'.

It's time to get up ! Show the world, the real me...
welcome back, the one that I've lost 4 years ago.

I'm strong ! and I'll never give up !
when challenges strike, I might cry, but I will never lose myself again...
As long as the sky are blue, I will always stand up right! handsomely ! and unbeatable !

I believe I can do it.
I believe, one day in future, my voice will be heard...
The one , I have been waiting for...

Don't let the past erase the smile on your face
- Denson

Goodnight, Good Day Ahead !!

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