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This is such a miracle and a very special weekend for me. I never thought i would be so lucky to meet you.

I'm so glad to have my weekend spend with you.  Being with you,  i feel myself,  and I feel everything are just so natural as we have met each other for years. I hope you feel the same way too.

Thanks for willing to drive all the way to meet me. What's make me feel so touching is you came here without any GPS and all you follow is just the road signs and your intuition.

Short session of pillow talks,  being your malfunction GPS, having hokkien mee, Japanese foods,singing and everything done with you is just so... like a dream.

Seeing you drive away to the opposite direction at the traffic light, it tears my heart...  But i know we will meet again.

27/11/2015, this date is just too beautiful for me.  I writing this post, in a wish to keep this feeling,  memory and love ... forever in this post. Wishing maybe years later,  when i look back at this post,  I may feel the love again.

You're so special.

With you by my side,  I can do everything.

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  1. someone is in love oooooo.... congrats

  2. Haha thank you for reading xD never expect someone actually reading this

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